We overcame the challenge of taking the Precedent® golf car from good to great by integrating stunningly sophisticated automotive technology, virtually fail-safe chargers and optional solar drive panels that boost range and lower operating costs into its classic styling.

There are electric golf carts, then there is the electric Club Car Precedent® golf cart. Here’s the difference. Our Excel™ electric system with regenerative braking delivers 10% more battery capacity and range than competitive vehicles. It works with our new solid-state, high-frequency charging system known as ERIC. (Efficient. Reliable. Intelligent, Connected.) ERIC works globally, keeps charging during power fluctuations and prevents common user errors.

Alumicore Frame

An Aluminum Frame for Longer Life. Most golf carts are still built on steel frames, which can corrode. Club Car golf carts are built on our AlumiCore™ frame. This light frame is rustproof even in salt air, and it’s shaped to be more impact resistant than steel. It preserves the life of your cart and enhances its stability, ride and performance.

Meet E.R.I.C.: Your New Battery Valet

Efficient: With energy costs high and getting higher, reducing consumption is the surest way to control costs.

Reliable: E.R.I.C.is constructed to handle whatever your staff and nature can dish out.

Intelligent: Charger status lights, on-car dash light and audible alerts communicate the car is charging, the state of the charge cycle, battery state of charge and charger faults.

Connected: E.R.I.C is adaptable, updatable and stores data—information that can help you make more informed business decisions.

Three Tempo Golf Carts lined up ready for a round of golf
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