Maintaining Your Precedent Gas Golf Cart

Practice regular preventive maintenance to preserve the life of your vehicle. Maintaining Your Precedent Gas Golf Cart

Your gasoline-powered Precedent golf cart is designed and built to provide years of trouble- free service and hours of fun. But it’s important to maintain it properly by following the guidelines in your owner’s manual.

Here’s an overview of those guidelines.

Gas and Oil

  • Use only regular grade unleaded (87 octane) fuel. Never use fuel that contains more than 10 percent ethanol.
  • Make sure the gasoline tank cap is securely tightened after each refill. Keep the area around the fuel cap clean and free of grass clippings and other debris that could fall into the tank.
  • Change your engine oil and filter after the first 100 hours of operation, then after each additional 200 hours of operation or annually, whichever comes first.

Monthly Service

To further protect your investment, perform the following tasks once each month or have Isle Golf Cars perform them:

  • Check the engine oil level and change the oil, if necessary.
  • Check the engine cooling air intake and clean, if necessary.
  • Check the air pressure in your tires and adjust, if needed.
  • Wash the engine compartment and the underside of your vehicle with a garden hose. Do not wash the engine while it is hot, as this could result in damage.
  • Wash your vehicle and clean the upholstery, if needed, following the directions in your owner’s manual.

Semi-annual Service

Inspect your vehicle and perform preventive maintenance on it every six months, every 50 hours of operation.

During these inspections, you or a trained Club Car service technician should check and lubricate the shifter cable pivots, the two fittings in the front suspension, and the brake system as outlined in your owner’s manual. In addition, have a trained technician perform the following inspections and maintenance every six months: Check the battery and its electrolyte level. The technicianshould clean the terminals, wash dirt from the casing and apply Battery Terminal Protector Spray.

  • Check the front wheel alignment, camber and toe-in and adjust, if necessary. Proper toe-in ensures that the front wheels are pointing slightly inward to reduce wear.
  • Inspect all electrical wiring and connections for tightness and damage. Replace if needed.
  • Check and lubricate the brakes.

Annual Maintenance

Have your vehicle serviced by a trained technician annually or every 100 hours of operation. During these inspections, the technician should check and fill your trans-axle to plug level, lubricate your pedal group as required and perform other needed maintenance.

If you have maintenance questions or experience problems with your vehicle, refer to your owner’s manual or contact Isle Golf Cars, your local Authorized Club Car Dealer.

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