Got Questions About Golf Carts?

Don't worry, there is no such thing as a dumb question. But in case you are afraid to ask some questions, we have decided to make it easy for you by providing you with the answers.

We have over 90 combined years of team knowledge about Club Car golf cart and we want to share it with our customers so that you have the best possible experience with your golf cart.
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How long do golf cart batteries last?

This is a loaded question and a very difficult one to answer. The short and easy answer is that new batteries last 5-7 years while most of our used battery packs may last 2-3 years, depending on age, past use, discharge test results, and other factors.

We see the shortest battery life spans in those that are poorly maintained or that do not receive regular maintenance (ie. adding water, keeping fully charged). We have also routinely seen batteries that have lasted over 7 years becuase of excellent maintnenance practices.

What are battery discharge minutes?

Battery discharge minutes are the result of our battery discharge test in which we perform a load test on a fully charged set of batteries and measure the duration of the discharge test. This combined with an individual loaded battery voltage test can give us the fastest and most accurate picture of your battery pack.

Club Car's pass/fail mark for electic fleet golf carts is 55 minutes which will do approximately two 18-hole rounds of golf on a relatively flat golf course, at an average outdoor temperature.

By comparison, a new Trojan battery pack starts with about 100 minutes, then peaks at about 120 minutes after about 50-60 cycles. It remains there for a long time until it slowly begins to drop off until dead.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver regularly to any location between Campbell River and Victoria, on Vancouver Island.

We work with several different freight companies and couriers that ship our golf and utility carts to the Lower Mainland and central part of B.C., the West Coast (Tofino & Ucluelet), Sunshine Coast (Sechelt, Gibsons, etc), and of course Protection Island and other Gulf Islands . Call us for specific rate inquiries.

Do you take trade ins?

Sure! But not all trade ins, of course.

To be honest and up front; if your batteries are very weak or dead and your cart is older than a 2000, its value is getting very limited. Frankly, we don't even really want some of these older carts anymore as they can be problematic to repair with parts getting more and more scarce.

If you have an EZ-GO, Yamaha or something other than a Club Car, we may consider the trade in, but since we do not supply these products, it is difficult for us to resell them. You can try an outlet like Kijiji.

Please don't be afraid to ask, though!

Do you sell golf carts on consignment?

Not really. We do our best to avoid it, as we find the carts can end up sitting on our lot for long periods of time. Why, you ask? Well, between our sales team naturally prioritizing selling our own golf carts first combined with the fact that most owners can tend to over value their cart.

And with our fees of 20% commission owners are far better off taking the time to create their own ad on Kijiji and keep the 20%.

We do love nice trades in though and we do routinely purchase carts from estate sales.

More Golf Cart FAQ's Coming Soon...

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