Peace of Mind

How do I know what I am buying?

At Isle Golf Cars, we have a reputation to uphold. We are Vancouver Island’s only authorized Club Car Distributor/Dealer and carry the largest inventory of new and pre-owned golf and utility carts…by far.

Each and every pre owned golf cart, whether it is gas or electric, goes through a rigorous service inspection prior to sale. We carefully evaluate every golf cart to ensure our customers are satisfied when they get their new toy home or to the golf course for use.

Each cart has had its mechanical systems inspected, tested and verified; most importantly the brakes and steering systems which clearly impact the safety and operation of the vehicle.

Our factory-certified Club Car technicians ensure that brake systems are functioning properly and that the shoes pass the wear test, the cables are moving freely and that the brake pedal has full range of free movement. Each cart has the brake shoes removed, drums cleaned, all parts inspected and then put back together and properly adjusted for use.

The steering and suspension components are thoroughly inspected and any worn parts are replaced as needed. Each cart is put on our hoist/golf cart lift and the front end is jacked up to allow the kingpin bushings, control arm bushings and leaf spring bushings to be properly checked out. If the technician finds wear in these components, the worn out bushings are removed and replacement bushings are pressed in before assembly. Once all necessary replacement parts are installed, the technician performs a full front end alignment to ensure proper tire wear and that the cart is tracking properly (not pulling one way or the other).

All four tires are inspected and if the tread is worn down beyond the wear indicator, the tire gets replaced with a similar replacement or a new one(s). We also look for tire ‘checking’ which is when the tires sidewalls become cracked and make it difficult to hold air. Typically we see ‘checking’ before ‘wearing’ on these, simply due to the usage of the vehicles.

If the cart is gas powered, it will have received a full gas service which includes new spark plug, air filter, fuel filter(s), engine oil and oil filter; as just the basics.

If the cart is electric powered, it will have received an full electric service and a battery discharge test which helps us better understand the current condition of the battery pack and helps us make an estimate of its remaining useful life span.

While it is easy to inspect and repair mechanical items on a cart, it is nearly impossible to tell when an electrical component may fail. Items like on board computers (OBC’s), controllers, speed sensors, key switches, forward-and-reverse switches and tow-run switches can fail at any time without notice.

That is why we offer a 90-day parts warranty on all used carts sold. If an electrical component fails during this time period, we will provide help in diagnosing the problem and the parts to help fix it.

You can have peace of mind when you buy a pre-owned Club Car from Isle Golf Cars!

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