Gas Service Special Flyer

Have a Factory-Trained Club Car Technician service your golf cart annually.

We are pleased to offer this Gas Service Special to our Club Car Customers.

Club Car Gas Golf Carts

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check engine cooling air intake; remove grass and debris from exhaust area
  • Check air pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Check tires for wear, checking and damage
  • Wash engine compartment and underside of vehicle
  • Clean/wash battery tops and terminals
  • Check charging system output and load-test battery
  • Check front wheel alignment and camber; adjust as required
  • Lubricate front suspension and all other grease fit
  • Clean, check, and adjust rear brake shoes; replace if necessary
  • Lubricate brake slides, inspect brake cables for damage
  • Check brake cable equalizer adjustment; adjust if necessary
  • Inspect engine and check for leaks around gaskets/fill plugs
  • Replace spark plug
  • Replace air filter element and check intake hose for cracks/tightness
  • Replace fuel filters and any swollen fuel lines
  • Check accelerator pedal and linkage for free movement, lubricate as required
  • Check governor RPM settings; adjust to specifications
  • Check oil light operation and reverse buzzer operation
  • Check and lubricate transmission shift linkage, lube F-N-R lever pivot
  • Inspect drive belt and clutches for wear
  • Inspect starter/generator brushes & inspect belt for tension & wear
  • Check charging system and battery condition

$147.15/$153.85/$161.55 + taxes

DS (Pre-1992)/DS (1992-2013)/Precedent

Price does not include pickup & delivery or shop supplies & environmental fees.

All work is performed by Authorized Club Car Technicians.

If any golf cart is in need of repairs or requires parts, the customer will be notified in advance.

Call 1-800-248-8871 to book your cart in for service or click here to contact us through our website.

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