Protection Isle Club Car Service Clinic

PI Golf Cart Service Clinic Registration

Isle Golf Cars is pleased to announce our fall golf cart service clinic for residents of Protection Island.

The service clinic dates this year are Tuesday, September 22/20 through Thursday, September 24/20. Depending on the number of golf cart services that sign up, we will determine if a third day is necessary which would be scheduled for Thursday, September 24/20.

If you would like to participate and have your golf cart serviced during the clinic, you must fill in the form below by Wednesday September 9th at 9:00 pm.

You can click here to view what is included with the Electric Service Special and the Gas Service Special.

Protection Island Golf Cart Clinic

Guidelines for Pro Isle Golf Cart Clinic:

  • Online service request form must be completed in full no later than September 9, 2020
  • Please call 1-800-248-8871 to give your credit card number to our staff, over the phone. We will not be performing any services without a credit card prior to coming over.
  • Please ensure that your golf cart is washed and clean. Clean off the battery tops (under the seat) as well as the undercarriage of the cart. Carts that are dirty and cause time delays may be subject to additional charges.
  • Please ensure that your name can be found on the steering wheel of your golf cart. You can use masking tape or anything very simple to ensure we can correctly identify your cart.
  • Please ensure that your golf cart is fully charged.
  • We do not test your batteries as part of the service special. If you would like to request this service, please specify in the message portion of the contact form below. Battery discharge tests are $29.50.
  • Due to the Dangerous goods restrictions, we can only bring 6 sets of batteries with us. The Precedent golf carts have a plastic battery compartment that will not corrode. Unfortunately, the DS style carts have metal trays to hold the batteries and they cannot be changed on site due to the risk that corrosion may make the trays unstable. The DS carts would need to be barged to our facility for battery replacement. If you require batteries for your Precedent carts, you will need to reserve one of the 6 sets prior to the Service Clinic.
  • We do not perform major repairs to golf carts at this clinic, as it is just too difficult to perform certain tasks out of our normal service shop. We can do our best, but some repairs are just too difficult to be performed on-site.
  • This year, we will be barging over a full- size service cube van with parts and we will have a service writer and three technicians on site.
  • Our fees will be as follows:
    • $35 Mobile Service Fee,
    • $35 Barge fee,
    • and then the service on top of that which is;
      • $99.95 for electric,
      • and $161.55 for gas. (plus shop supplies, enviro fees and taxes)
  • The clinic will be held at 10 Pirates Lane, a residence very close to the traffic circle by the ferry. Please park at the traffic circle on the day we designate for you and we will come and get your cart. Our generic Club Car key will work on your cart unless you have an uncommon key switch. If this is the case, please make extra comments below or call us to let us know where to find your keys. Please do not bring your cart to 10 Pirates Lane.
  • Your cart will be returned back to the same location when done with a completed service tag on.
  • Sorry, but we only service Club Car golf carts, not Yamaha's or EZ-GO's.

Sign Up Form

If you want to sign up for the golf cart service clinic on Protection Island, please fill in this form. We will do our best to contact you prior to the clinic to specifiy which date we expect to service your golf cart.

Payment Information

If you want to sign up for the golf cart service clinic on Protection Island, please phone 1-800-248-8871 to submit your credit card number securely.

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