What are Battery Discharge Minutes?

..and how far can I go on a fully charged battery pack? What are Battery Discharge Minutes?

Throughout our website, you will notice terms such as ‘Battery Discharge Minutes’, ‘Run Time’ or ‘Discharge Time’ which are all referring to the same thing….how long your fully charged battery pack holds its charge when under load.

What does this mean exactly? The simple way to explain this, to a golfer, is that it is the distance your golf cart will run when fully charged in normal operating conditions. (Normal operating conditions include level terrain, the warm temperature and properly inflated tires, etc.)

Club Car defines a pass/fail in discharge minutes as 55 minutes at a temperature of 26°C. At an average golf course a golf cart with a minimum of 55 minutes of discharge time would be able to complete two full rounds of 18-hole golf.

The discharge test comes closest to simulating actual vehicle operating conditions by continuously drawing current from the batteries until voltage drops to 42.0 volts. The discharge test is the hardest test on the batteries and the most time-consuming to perform. A special discharge tester is needed to perform this test.

Isle Golf Cars can discharge test your batteries for you and can even do it in your home as part of your annual service (if specifically requested - it is not part of a regular electric golf cart service).

At Isle Golf Cars, we test each and every battery pack in every used electric golf cart that we have in our yard. This means that you can buy a pre-owned electric golf cart with confidence that your cart will always meet and pass Club Car’s minimum battery specifications.

You can be sure that your used electric golf cart will be able to keep up to the high level of play that you bring to the golf course each and every time that you are out!

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