New & Used Golf Cart Sales

We have the largest selection of used golf carts for sale on Vancouver Island and our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff are ready to help find the right golf cart for you.

We have carts for various applications including resort housekeeping, grounds and property maintenance, farms and acreages, car dealerships, storage facilities, campgrounds and many, many more. Clearly, golf carts are not just for golf.
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Introducing the Gold, Silver & Bronze Series

Although repaired to different standards, each one of our used electric golf carts undergo a thorough mechanical inspection and repair process including battery testing, brake service, and front end alignment.
Gold Series Golf Cart by Isle Golf Cars

Gold Series

New Trojan Batteries, Metallic Bodies and Premium Seats
  • New Metallic Bodies & Nameplate
    • Blue Pearl
    • Atomic Orange
    • Synergy Green
    • Candy Apple Red
    • Metallic Platinum
    • Metallic Mocha Brown
    • Metallic Sapphire
  • New Trojan Battery Pack
  • New Trojan HydroLink SPWS System
  • New Club Car Split Windshield
  • New Club Car Weathermax Club Protector
  • New Floormat & 360° Bumpers
  • New Golf Accessories: Ball & Club Washer, Sand Bottles & Cooler Kit
  • New 10” Mercury Rims with 205/55-12 Loadstar Tires
  • New Premium Seats
  • New Steering Gear Box
  • New Kingpin & Control Arm Bushings
  • New Brake Shoes
  • New Rear Shocks & Bushing Mounts
  • New Rear Leaf Spring Bushings
  • Comes w/ 12-month Limited Warranty
Gold Series Package Total—$5,000*
Silver Series Golf Cart by Isle Golf Cars

Silver Series

Batteries with 70+ Minutes, Standard Bodies and Recovered Seat Bottom
  • 18+ Point Mechanical Inspection
  • New Standard Bodies & Nameplate
  • Your Choice of...
    • White
    • Beige
    • Red
    • Dark Blue
    • Dark (Forest) Green
    • Black
    • Burgundy
    • Grey
    • Atlantic (Light) Blue
    • Cayenne
  • New Club Car Split Windshield
  • New Kingpin & Control Arm Bushings
  • New Brake Shoes
  • New 18x8.5-8 Tires, 8” Steel Rims w/ Chrome Wheel Covers
  • Refurbished Club Car Weathermax Club Protector
  • Used Golf Accessories: Ball & Club Washer, Sand Bottles & Cooler Kit
  • New Bench Seats
  • 70+ Minute Battery Pack
  • Includes SPWS System
  • Comes w/ 6-month Limited Warranty
Silver Series Package Total—$1,500*
Bronze Series Golf Cart by Isle Golf Cars

Bronze Series

Batteries with 40+ Minutes, Used Bodies and Recovered Seat Bottom

18+ Point Mechanical Inspection:

  • Wash battery compartment & underside
  • Check battery water (electrolyte) level
  • Clean/wash battery tops and coat terminals
  • Check air pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Check tires for wear, checking and damage
  • Clean, check, and adjust rear brake shoes
  • Lubricate brake slides, inspect brake cables
  • Check brake cable equalizer adjustment
  • Check front wheel alignment and camber
  • Lubricate front suspension and all zerks
  • Check electrical connections for tightness
  • Check F-N-R switch for free contact movement and secure wire connections
  • Check MCOR for loose hardware & cracks
  • Check charger receptacle connections
  • Check reverse buzzer operation
  • Check motor wires for loose connections
  • Check and fill differential oil to proper level
  • Inspect seats, windshield, etc. for damages
  • Comes w/ 3-month Limited Warranty
Bronze Series Package Total—$400*
* Plus the base price of the golf cart or you can try to BUILD & PRICE your own.

Specials, New Arrivals and Featured Golf Carts

You can check out our Instagram feed below which we use to display specials, new golf cart arrivals or upcoming service or sales events.


Finally! Some used gas golf carts available for sale. This cart is ready to go at $3,495 and we have more to choose from. #golfcart #gasgolfcart #gasgolfcarts #clubcar #islegolfcars


Two new electric campus security vehicles ready for our good friends at #camosuncollege in #victoriabc complete with 12V outlets for hand held spot lights at night. #golfcarts #golfcart #islegolfcars #camosun #victoria #electricgolfcart #usedgolfcarts


Anyone looking for a demo? Just back from making the rounds at #fairwinds #golfclub. This cart is also for sale for $12,938. Don't wait as these new #onwards are not lasting long in our yard. #clubcar #onward #islegolfcars #golfcart #newgolfcart #fancyseats #crownisle #eaglecrest #arbutusridge


Enclosed aluminum cargo boxes that are custom fitted to our Carryall carts. This one was designed for housekeeping purposes at a fantastic West coast resort. #pacificsands #pacificsandsbeachresort #pacificsandsresort #tofino #tofinobc #ucluelet uclueletbc #vancouverisland #housekeeping #islegolfcars #clubcar #carryall


Check out this used gas golf cart we have for sale. Just add lights and this cart would be perfect for an isolated island like #savaryisland #protectionisland #mudgeisland #gabriolaisland #galianoisland


The new local delivery truck of looking sharp thanks to Scott Signs and Harris Oceanside Chevrolet. #golfcarts #vehiclewrap #cardecals #brandingdesign #branding #Islegolfcars #golfbc #golfvi #golf

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